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We are all finally coming up for air after an incredibly busy and very productive time since we last communicated with the public.

So much has happened, but we have been focussed solely on the operations at hand and have been quietly progressing with the task of getting food and support to those in need. We intend to keep you informed from here on out, so you are aware of what is happening with the support and funding that we have received.

The Courage Initiative was born out of crisis and the need to stand together as one in order to triumph. We have successfully brought heroes, communities and NGOs together to navigate this incredibly difficult time. Our focus has remained on pooling people, funding and resources in the most cost-effective and impactful way to address ensure no one was going hungry in Hout Bay and neighbouring communities.

Whilst Courage played a critical role in the lives of many in the community of Hout Bay during lockdown, we could not have done it without some of our amazing partnerships with other NGO’s. Our partnership with “Gracie love in a Bowl”, who started growing organic vegetables in response to the extreme hunger in the community many years ago, has burgeoned into a powerful alliance.

Courage aims to use a substantial amount of funding received towards a long term food supply model to support the community. The Courage team has now partnered officially with “Gracie love in a Bowl”,   to supply funding to launch a new offering to the local community.

Watch this space as we endeavour to create nutritional organically grown veggie supply for those in need.