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“Its a Lovely Miracle this work of BEING A VILLAGE”  – Gordon Aeschliman

Part of the Magic of Hout Bay is what we call the Loop—people, programmes and businesses all feeding back into each other in that lovely circle of life.



Enter Hout Bay’s own Urban Brewery located at the foot of Hangberg. Owner Geoffrey Roeloffze called us two years back to ask if we could use the spent grain that is generated in the process of his beer brewing enterprise. Um, yes! What a great addition to our compost development, we told him! And so every month we collect hundreds of kilograms (we’ve topped 1000kgs some months) from the brewery and lovingly add it to our compost heap on the farm.

After a few months that spent grain comes back to life as a carrot, a beetroot and any other of the 30 plus veggies and herbs currently growing at the farm. Why send spent grain to the landfill when instead it could become a community meal? Exactly.


Try Josie Borain’s spicy relish!

“I chop equal amounts of fresh chilli, garlic, ginger and then cover with olive oil. I then add about 1/3 soya sauce for an Asian twist!” 🧄 ️




Last year Hout Bay United Football Community (HBUFC) approached us with the novel idea of taking in ten of their young players as interns. Seeing as we are big fans of HBUFC and had a strong history of working together in food delivery during the pandemic, we couldn’t resist.

For the past five months these players worked half days with us, learning the art of growing veggies for the community. And we have enjoyed learning from them the spirit of team work, something HBUFC holds at the core of their values. We are excited to announce that as of this month, six of those interns have now moved into full time positions with us as Trainee Growers. For all of them, a rite of passage, as this is their first time to have an employment contract. And of course they’ll still squeeze in their practices and hard work in their other team, HBUFC.

Welcome to the Veggie Team, Nawaal, Griffin, Zukisani, Zandile, Zandisiwe, Relumetse we’re glad to you have you on our side. And we continue to wish you the very best as you pursue your future dreams on the football field.


With a Heart as wide as the Kalahari, Miriam is indefatigable in her commitment to ensure the elderly of Imizamo Yethu receive meals from her personal kitchen 4 days of the week.

Anyone who has been around the community long sees her fingerprints everywhere—be it cooking for the youth of Sakhisizwe, delivering soup to patients at the Medical Clinic, cooking for the elderly who gather at the IY community hall Iziko Lobomi, or organising food for the elderly who are too infirm to leave their homes. And if that’s not enough, you can always enjoy a personal dinner in her home if you check into her house with AirBnB!

For over five years Love In A Bowl has delivered fresh veggies to Miriam’s Kitchen, as we love to call her spot. Always a smile, always a thank you, Miriam knows good food and she knows nutrition. So glad this Angel calls Hout Bay her Home.

By Gordon Aeschliman, founder of one of our main partnerships, the Love in a Bowl community.

Family Bag

R290.00 each

Ideal for 4 people for 1 week

Farmer’s weekly selection of 10 seasonal organic vegetables and herbs, harvested with love the morning of delivery.


Community Pot

R150.00 each

Ideal for 4 people for 1 week

Contribute to our Edu Care Feeding program currently delivering fresh organic vegetables to 24 creches in Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg.

Duo Bag

R185.00 each

Ideal for 2 people for 1 week

Farmer’s weekly selection of 6 seasonal organic vegetables and herbs, harvested with love the morning of delivery


Juice Bag

R185.00 each

Ideal for 2 people for 1 week

Farmer’s weekly selection of 6 seasonal organic vegetables and herbs, harvested with love the morning of delivery


Should you wish to simply support through donations please visit the Love in a Bowl website

Sending you all an abundance of Courage for the Year Ahead.